Shooting Festival 1867
Tramps in 1878

Jail conditions 1816

Sheriff John Hays was terse in his dissatisfaction with the St. Clair County jail two years after the courthouse was moved in 1814 from Cahokia to Belleville. Facilities were meager in the early years. A jail wasn't built until four years after the sheriff's protest. The first courthouse was also completed that year.

This was a one line entry in a book that recorded the items considered by the county commissioners. Subsequent entries in 1817 mention a new jail and in 1820 bids are sought. There was a delay of several months and then a new jail was built by William Graves for $2,434.00. The commissioners approved paying him that amount on September 20, 1820.

John Hays was Sheriff from 1802 until 1819. 

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